Workers Compensation Insurance for your Business

In the United States, business owners must purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Having workers compensation insurance means protection for all possible losses that your workers may obtain inside the workplace. Employees can acquire lost wages, medical treatment, and even funeral costs and rehabilitation costs for the recovery of the employee. Federal law require to have this insurance for all business owners to acquire. Due to the reason that anything that happens to the worker that is inside the working facility will be the business owner’s liability. And it’s not just for the benefits of their employees. At the same time, this insurance can also protect business owners against a possible lawsuit. That the employee may file against the owner.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Understanding Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance is a protection against possible losses in the future that your workers may acquire inside working premises. This can cover your worker’s medical treatment. The insurance can provide coverage, only if the injury he comes into is work-related on behalf of your company. This can also provide for your worker’s lost wages if they are still unfit to work and under-recovery period. As well as, recovery cost coverage and until the extent of funeral expenses.

Exclusion of Workers Compensation Insurance 

State law mandated that a worker who obtains an injury that is due to the company owner, has to do with or fail to do shall be apt for extra benefits compensation. To give an illustration, Carl who is an employee told the owner of the laundry shop that one of their washing machines has an open cut wire. And told him to send it to a repairman. But due to some instances, the owner failed to do so. And that causes Carl to acquire 3rd-degree burn because of the electric shock from the cut open electric wire. And this will the owners negligence.


Medical Payments 

This coverage provides reimbursement for the cost of treatment to the worker. Who obtains an injury due to his work on behalf of the insureds company. This covers the cost of medications, physical therapy, doctor’s visits, and other medical treatments.

Lost Wages 

This insurance will compensate the workers lost wages while the employee that obtains injury. On the site of his/her, work is under-recovery period and still unable to go to work.

Disability Coverage 

This coverage provides for the partial lost salary wages of the injured worker. If the worker is not fit to work anymore due to job-related injury. Coverage types of injuries are partial disability. it is if the person is not capable of doing a job at his full physical capacity. Furthermore, this can also cover even the total and permanent disability due to job-related injuries.

Workers Compensation Insurance


This can give the employee a vocational program that can fit her current capabilities.


The insurance company will cover the funeral expenses of your employee’s death. So as not to be a burden to the family of the worker.