General Liability Insurance California

As an entrepreneur, you already know why you should consider purchasing General Liability Insurance California. Every single day, your business is at risk of any unexpected possible losses. As of 2019, the business survey states, that every year, almost 13% of 1000 customers in parts of California files a damage claim against businesses. This is why general liability insurance must posses by every business owner. By the reason of this insurance is designed to cover the owner’s liability. It can cover any potential lawsuit that the customer will file against the business. Not having the said insurance can cost you a lot of money to cover yourself from the cost of the lawsuit against you. And not just that you will also pay for the medical fees and lawsuit fees that include your lawyer fee. so even though it’s not compelled by law, you should consider purchasing one.

General Liability Insurance

Is General Liability Insurance California Essentials For Your Business?

General Liability Insurance California will help you with the cost of legal liabilities against your company. This includes lawyer fees that will defend your company’s reputation against covered claims. More so, against the claims of a third party or people who are outside your company. Furthermore, this will cover the cost of the treatment for the injury of the customer that he acquire inside your business premisses. As well as the cost for the medication of the customer who’s life was put into danger due to your company product.

For further illustration, suppose that you are owning a milk tea shop. And one of your customers who bought tea in your shop experienced vomiting and stomachache. and the victim file a lawsuit against you. Connected to that is your legal responsibility to pay for his medical expenses. That will be covered under General Liability Insurance.

Commercial General
Liability does not cover

  • Accidents of the vehicle that is used for the business even if it is for service or delivery use. Check Commercial Auto Insurance for further information.
  • Worker’s injury and lost salary wages and damage claims filed against you by your employee. Read Workers Compensation
  • Damages done to your own business property. Open Commercial Property Insurance
General Liability Insurance
General Liability Insurance

Coverage of GLI California

A third party person can file an injury claim against your company if he acquires an injury inside your building premises. To illustrate further, a customer is walking passed by the alley of your lobby, then he slides over on a wet floor. And cost him to break his arms. He will file a bodily injury claim against your company. General Liability Insurance will cover this even the cost for the treatment of the injury of the third person.
This can cover your business property damage to a third party person. Suppose, that you are owning a builder’s company or a construction company. And your employees that are on-site are using a bulldozer. Because of the excavation that they are working on. And the soil that is supposed to be thrown at one side hit the other house adjacent to the working site. And this causes the window of the house to break. In addition to that, the homeowner file a property damage claim. General Liability Insurance will help you cover the cost of the claim.