California Business Owners Insurance Policy

Business Owners Insurance Policy (BOP) is a package that bundles 3 types of business insurance. Namely we have General Liability Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance and Business Interruption Insurance. In simple terms Business Owners Policy covers you from Liability, Damage to your property and additional expenses caused by a covered peril such as fire, windstorm, theft, etc. Instead of having separate business insurance by simply getting Business Owners Policy you can save your money and protect your business at the same time. Get a quote now!

Who is Eligible
for BOP?

Business Owners policy only caters small to medium businesses. An eligible business should have less than $5 million in annual sales and have fewer than 100 employees. Here are some types of business that is appropriate for a Business Owners Policy:
  • Retail stores (selling either goods or services)
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturers
  • Office Buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Religious organizations

1. General Liability Insurance

This type of coverage compensates you from lawsuits in the event that someone got hurt in your business premises. It not only helps you cover their medical expenses it also protects your assets.

2.Commercial Property Insurance

It protects your building and also its insides like your furniture, machinery, equipment and items supplementary for your business. There are two types of coverage to choose from we have named peril basis or open peril basis. If you chose named peril basis it will cover your property by a listed of perils such as fires, windstorm, lighting, theft or anything list on your declarations page on the other hand for open peril basis your property will be cover from all risks unless excluded

3. Business Interruption Insurance

Is also known as business income insurance. This will cover the lost income cause by a peril. The great thing about this coverage is that the coverage will start from the time the peril began until you until you can open and start making money again. Your BOP will not only cover the damages cause by the peril but also cover the net income of your business from your normal operation. Business Interruption also includes coverage for the payrolls for your employees.

Business Owners
Insurance Policy Coverage