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Commercial health insurance, also known as private health insurance. Hence, it is a type of health insurance that does not cover by the government. It provides medical costs and disability benefits

Business Liability Insurance, also known as Commercial general liability insurance. It can protect you and your business from a loss if you’re found legally liable to third-party claims.

Clients may also require you to have contractor insurance before they sign an agreement with you. Without insurance, they could be liable for alleged wrongful acts or accidents resulting from your work.

Business Insurance is especially necessary for small businesses to consider and assess their business insurance needs because they may face more financial exposure when it comes to an event of a loss

General Liability Insurance Cover small businesses from liability to a third party person. If you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or contractor — you need General Liability Insurance.

Business owners have a lot to consider when choosing insurance that fully protects their business. One coverage option, a business owners policy can take the guesswork out of the process.

Workers compensation is a state-mandated insurance program. Workers Compensation in California gives your employees benefits when they are acutely injured.